• We Have a
    New Website!

EdoHost has merged with Website.com.bn! We constantly seek new ways to help our customers improve their websites and are pleased to announce that we have joined forces with Website.com.bn who share our goals. You may visit the new website below:

What's Happening?

In May 2017, Website.com.bn acquired edohost.com, a pioneer web hosting company in Brunei. After successful integration of the two systems, EdoHost moved its website to Website.com.bn to reflect its Bruneian entity, and together with Website.com.bn will continue to deliver innovative and quality solutions to your online needs.

We are committed to become Brunei's most trusted web hosting provider. Website.com.bn very much believes in our mission and wants to help us make it a reality. They have done a phenomenal job of maintaining a fleet of world-class servers and their experience and expertise will be invaluable as we grow our business.

The inner pages of our website will remain intact to preserve EdoHost's company legacies.

How It Affects You?

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued business. You can continue to expect the same great service and technical efficiency from us in form of Website.com.bn. We now plan to introduce even more convenience and choice for existing customers, while broadening our services to more users.

Customers will only see positive changes. Website.com.bn is going to make a heavy investment in the servers. This will allow us to more rapidly develop our products and services, strengthen our system infrastructure, and continue to deliver great support to our customers.

Your account login, files and domain name have all been transferred to Website.com.bn. Existing customers should receive new email instructions. If you have any questions, please feel free to head over to Website.com.bn and contact our support team.

Our Services

The list of services we provide. Please visit Website.com.bn for more info.

Our main services. To make your website accessible on the internet, you will need a web server. Web hosting providers such as Website.com.bn have our own fleet of servers, and we rent out some space on our servers to host your website, plus taking care of all other technical backend concerns.
All our webhosting packages come with free domain registration (on selected extensions), including the most popular .com extension. Beyond that, our affordable domain registration services let you register domain names from over 380 domain extensions, and a personalized DNS Management panel.
No time to maintain or update your website yet don't want to hire an in-house technician for it? Our web maintenance services can help sort things out. Just delegate the tasks to us and we will ensure your website is constatly updated and running at optimal health.
If you need a professional website with deeper customizations tailored to your needs, or to redesign an old website, our web design services is here to help. Simply give us the specifications and we will try our best to draft it out.